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How Can You Offer Hair Fall Solutions

Welcome to Cabs La Vie Professional! We have created pH balanced hair restoration products designed to repair the scalp and hair follicles, as well as nourish the hair. By using the highest quality ingredients, we are able to deliver a product unlike any other. Made for the salon and clients alike, stock your back bar with our products  — that can truly deliver results.

One of the reasons why we created our products was to address hair loss. Millions of men and women suffer from premature hair fall. By addressing one of the root issues of hair loss, Cabs La Vie Professional is able to provide your clients a means to keep and even restore their locks. Keep reading to learn how you can help your clients address hair fall and visit our website to shop our hair Restoration Shampoo and other products.

Five Ways To Address Hair Loss

As hair stylists, we have the unique opportunity to help our clients find answers when they are facing frustrating, disheartening situations — such as hair loss. There are a lot of reasons why a person may be losing their hair: stress, hormones and physical conditions, genetics, and scalp health being a few.

Though we don’t have the medical knowledge to diagnose our client’s condition, we can help them as they face hair loss and here’s how.   

Have a Private Conversation

If you notice a balding spot or a receding hairline or other signs of hair loss, ask your client discreetly if they have noticed any changes. Next, mention what you have seen, without trying to diagnose the problem but without alarming the client. Finding out that you are experiencing hair loss is already alarming enough. However, by delivering the news in a kind, comforting way and offering possible solutions can ease the discovery.

Educate Them

Not knowing, in general, is the scariest state to be in. Even though you can’t diagnose the root cause of the issue, providing general information as well as the next steps to take can help the client to avoid panic.


Educating your client about trichology can be a great place to start. Discuss the condition and how a Trichologist, by way of a doctor-ordered blood test, can figure out the root cause of the hair loss and make recommendations. A dermatologist can also provide helpful information, but a trichologist can deliver a more thorough scalp analysis.

Offer Styling Options

You can also provide alternative styling options. Suggest that they wear fewer hairstyles that put stress on their scalp such as ponytails, cornrows, and hair extensions. You can also provide alternative haircuts and styles that can “hide” minimal hair loss. Wigs can also be a stylish alternative for those experiencing extreme hair fall.

Provide Hair Loss Products

Offering hair restoration products is a wonderful way to provide your client with an immediate, potentially effective solution to their hair loss. Topical products such as shampoos and conditioners like our Hair Restoration shampoo can treat scalp issues that may be causing the hair loss. Our pH balanced hair products create the most favorable environment to strengthen the hair and promote regrowth.

Offer Resources

You can also offer other resources such as hair loss literature that can not only provide them valuable information, but may also take the pressure off of you when the conversation must be had. We also suggest providing literature in your waiting area to allow your clients an easy way to bring up the subject and get the information that they need.

Discussing hair loss can feel like an intimidating conversation to have with your clients. However, using these tactics and having a professional, tactful, and compassionate attitude can allow you to provide the information needed and your client to have the best experience.

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